Support Information

Assist in the safe and conflict-free retrieval of your personal property while remaining an independent third party witness.

Family Solutions Inc. Forms

Please complete the appropriate form based on the service you are requesting. Fill in the requested information either online in the PDF form or print and complete by hand. Email the completed form to FSI or fax it to 866.227.6894.

    Supervised Visitation
  • Worksheet - completed by Resident or Visiting Parent to schedule supervised visitations
    Property Exchange/Inventory
  • Guidelines & Agreement - sign, date, and submit this form to schedule assistance for either a property exchange or property inventory
  • Worksheet - sign, date, and submit this form to schedule assistance for either a property exchange or property inventory

Generally court orders are in place prior to the property exchange and will be strictly enforced by F.S.I. All property exchanges will be evaluated by F.S.I. prior to the exchange date and recommendations to our client will be provided in attempts to limit conflict. Please provide specific concerns and needs directly to Family Solutions Inc..

Rules of Conduct

The following is prohibited during the exchange:

  1. Inappropriate foul language, shouting, threats of violence or abuse.
  2. Weapons or any articles that could be used a weapon at site of the Property Exchange.
  3. Contact or confrontation between parties during the exchange of property.

Please Note

  1. Except for late cancellations and emergencies, calls to Family Solutions Inc. should be made Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm.
  2. The objectives of Family Solutions Inc. are to provide an independent third party witness and facilitate appropriate interaction during the property exchange.
  3. This agreement must be completed and signed by both parties involved prior to FSI scheduling the property exchange. All relevant court orders must be provided to FSI.
  4. Family Solutions Inc. does not serve as security guards. If any situation arises that may create an imminent threat or involve any criminal behavior, the monitor(s) will contact local law enforcement authorities for intervention.Children will not be forced to make or complete a supervised visitation.